As a family owned and operated company working hand in hand with The Jones Family ranches, which covers an expansive part of South Texas, we welcome your interest in our continuing tradition of oil, gas, and mineral development.

Oil, Gas, and Mineral Development

Mesteña is constantly in search of new partners to engage in oil and gas related projects on the ranch. In addition to cultivating new oil and gas development, we also continue to attract exploration partners eager to take on new geophysical projects. Mesteña already has an extensive collection of both geophysical and well data to support further development. We are in a unique position that allows us to provide potential partners with a “one stop shop” where they can negotiate leases, geophysical permits and pipeline easements in one office.

Existing Production

Mesteña manages the Lessor interests in the active oil and gas leases located on the ranch. We work with operating companies that are active on the ranch to ensure good stewardship of the oil and gas and surface estates.